About us

Martin is the owner of Whoopzies.

How did the name Whoopzies arise?
"Actually, it sounds a bit obvious, I think. If you think of Whoopzies, what do you think of? Breasts, exactly! Or perhaps such as an 'exciting/sneaky' (wh)oops. Of course with a wink. That's how I suddenly thought of Whoopsie! I asked my environment about it and they also thought it was a nice name. They thought the name catchy, funny and it indicates a kind of what we do. Soon after that Whoopzies was born. Whoopzies was invented around September 2014!"-Said Robert, the founder of Whoopzies.
Our strengh
With standard over 9750 articles online, we always have something you would like!
Every day we are working hard to make as many adjustments as possible, including new articles, articles that are expiring from the product range and the stock wil be checked out. This way we can ensure you that the webshop is as updated as possible. Also this way we can ensure that you have as little chance of annoying messages about not in stock.
Our future
We are always looking for new colleagues that can strengthen us! See below at Party's, who we are looking for.
We want to offer more possibilities in terms of shipping time. Hopefully we can soon offer you a weekend delivery, like on Sunday or Monday deliveries.
These are options and means that there will be a surcharge, when you choose such delivery.
Standard shipping is visible under the heading "Delivery".

Party’s – Girls Night Out!
We want to organize parties ourselves in the future. Actually a sort of a "Girls night out!", only then at home! Cozy with a small group, just a fun way to learn more about the products. A small presentation about some of our articles, specially selected based on what you want and more advice and/or explanation about it. And of course on the end, possibilities to buy the products with a discount!

Like many companies and businesses, we also want to open a retail property. Maybe also a building to organize some parties there!

Since June 2014 Robert started with the idea to start an erotic shop. He had some nice and good ideas, but sadly it didn't go that smoothly and not as he would have liked. There were unexpected some troubles in his private life and couldn't go further to raise the business. After long consideration had Robert decided to give the business to his brother, Martin. Martin had take over all the ideas from Robert and try to do it that way, only with his own twist.
Since June 30, 2016, Whoopzies has been officially taken over by Martin.

"Whoopzies - The erotic shop for him and her"

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